Who has never had the desire to “see” their window frame before its realisation? The full size mock-up in front of one’s eyes can bring awareness about the knowledge of fulfilling one’s wishes.
Despite the large offer available in the digital market, sometimes rendering 3D and virtual photos are not enough to fully grasp the true nature of the product: viewing a mock-up in every detail can surely make the difference in defining the finish for example, or in expanding the project from its original idea.

Brombal builds all mock-ups with the dimensions and characteristics as requested by the client.
“The ability to create a mock-up to actual size is part of a range of services we offer to our customers” says Engineer Andrea Fanton, Brombal technical-commercial dpt. “ to be able, for example, to provide a product in a full scale and in the chosen finish, leads the customer to a greater awareness on one’s final decision: in fact complete customer satisfaction is what we aim to and what we care about most.”

In addiction to this service Team Brombal is available to bring your custom frame to certification, following in your stead all the necessary procedures.
“Not every product is certified” continues Engineer Fanton “as some certifications must be made to measure based on different parameters such as sizes, local regulations and legislation and required performances. If the project demands specific certifications, there is the possibility to take advantage of our Team technical support, from the initial design to the completion of the bureaucratic ITER (process), up to the delivery of your customised and certified frame. We are proud to say we offer to our customers only the best personalised service” ends Engineer Fanton “ both for mock-up and for certification.”
The freedom to create and realise your own project leads to a remarkable simplification of the management processes of architects and designers.