Just like a ship floating on water the Levitate system effortlessly frees the weight of the door providing a silky smooth flow of the panel as if floating on air only slowed by the inertia of its mass. A simple turn of the door handle activates the levitation position allowing the door panel to slide with minimal force.

Brombal offers thermally broken doors operated by levitation system. Contact us to learn more.


To secure the panel and engage the weather tight seals and locking system simply rotate the handle again. The elegant track system is concealed in the floor featuring patented magnetic glides and rails all located below the finish floor allowing for a beautiful and seamless transition between interior and exterior space.


To lift and slide a door or window of great dimensions and hence weight, we must adopt an elaborate system equipped with electric motors for lifting and sliding. Our aim, however, is to operate it manually, without electricity, freeing the frame from its weight, so that it can be moved as if it were in the absence of gravity.




It is recessed into the floor and contains the sliding rail, magnetic pads and a connection beam to the sash frame.

The system is accessible for maintenance through removable capping profiles that can be fitted with the same finishes of the floor for a perfect continuity between internal and external floorings.

Only an 8 mm gap, sealed with brushes, remains visible along the all length of the door, completely flush, avoiding any possible tripping.

Along the upper track the Levitate system is fitted with mechanisms to counteract the lifting thrust of the magnets and then lower the sash providing locking and tightness.


Upper Section

1 Thermally insulated polyamide guide
2 Double seal gasket
3 Continuous alignment guide with brush-holder
4 Lowering and closing mechanism
5 Lowered sash frame
6 Lifted sash frame

Lower Section

1 Ironlev® magnetic levitation runner
2 Ferromagnetic stainless-steel rail
3 Alignment modular profile
4 Connecting beam between runner & frame
5 Finishing profiles with brush-holder
6 Containment and laying casing
7 Internal floor
8 Removable capping profile for access and maintenance
9 External floor
10 Lowered sash frame
11 Lifted sash frame



To free a door or window from its weight and make it float in the air, sliding without frictions, the best solution is that of magnetic levitation. Wanting to apply this technology without resorting to electrical energy, we identified a patent by Ironlev®, a peculiar geometry of passive magnets for lifting large masses along a thin track.

FAQ - Your ask We answer

No, the magnetic field generated by the system, embedded into the floor, is confined to the runners area; it has no negative effect on health, ref. Legislative Decree 159/2016.

Yes, the restraint system prevents the leaf from tilting out of its sliding plane, even in the event of any misuse.

Yes, the system remains functional and safe, since the magnetic field is not affected by the presence of water.

Yes, the system is designed to have the same performance of traditional lift-and-slide systems.

No, they might only demagnetize up to a maximum of 5% in 20 years, with no side effects on the functioning of the system, to then stabilize for an indefinite period of time.

No, if electronic devices are placed nearby the runners, no negative effect occurs.

It is suggested to keep the running rail free from any accumulation of dirt, but it does not require lubrication.

The system of runners generates a passive magnetic field that balances the weight of the sash (magnetic spring effect) by keeping it lifted permanently.

By turning the handle. It is lowered by overcoming the magnetic thrust privded by the runners; the magnetic system remains always in operation, even when the sash is lowered..

It depends on the weight of the sash; for example, if it weighs 900 kg (1984 lb), it will take an effort of 6-7 Kgs (13-15 lb) to move the door and 3,5-4 Kgs (7,7-8,8 lb) to slide it after the initial push.

The Levitate system will be available for ordering by the end of 2nd quarter 2020.

Yes, pricing is available now.

Corrosion tests are underway.
Results are expected to be announced in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Yes, when Levitate is in the up position a motor can be used to slide the panel. Brombal is working on a complete automated system that will raise Levitate and then slide the panel with one touch.

Yes, it can be used with the ALFA, FARO and AIRE systems.