Architect Tom Kundig

Tom Kundig

Principal of Olson Kundig

“Our business is based on trust: clients have to trust us, contractors have to trust us, subcontractors have to trust us. If you maintain a good relationship you are building and evolving a better and better project. So, anytime we are working with Brombal and we are learning more what Leonardo is trying to accomplish in the shop and he is understanding what we are trying to accomplish, these incremental steps lead to a better and better result. I think that steel windows and doors are just a level of investment that people are willing to make. It is not only the look but   it is also the feel. The feel of Brombal is very much part of that experience.”

Jim Dow

Principal of Dowbuilt

“From my perspective, as a builder, I have got to think about function first. I completely understand the architecture side but on the building side I have to be able to stand behind the product and  know that it is going to last, it is not going to leak, it is not going to fail. The thing that I love about Brombal is that it does everything. It is beautiful, really beautiful, and it is built amazingly solid and operates amazingly. You put these windows in a house and you may never have to touch them again, that is tremendous value.”

Builder Jim Dow


Architect Marwan Al Sayed

Marwan Al-Sayed

Principal Marwan Al-Sayed Architects

“I had the pleasure of visiting the Brombal factory while in Italy working on a line of furniture. Brombal is a family run operation that has been part of a community and production culture that still runs strong in this part of the world. This personal attention to detail, the culture of collaboration and innovation, the level of design culture and technology and the warmth and personal involvement of the owners contributes to an atmosphere ripe for creativity and problem solving that is rare with other companies in similar industries. The level of Italian design, as exemplified by the Brombal line, and  other fields of furniture, fashion or automotive design, is unique in the world and provides a level of confidence and quality that is unrivaled.”

John Carney

Principal of Carney Logan Burke Architects

“I was honored to be hosted by the Brombal family for a visit to Altivole in Italy where we witnessed the production process at the Brombal factory. We were greatly impressed at the level of craftsmanship and technical skills that we saw during our visit. We spent several enjoyable and educational days with the Brombal family, all of whom are involved in this family owned and operated business.”

Architect John Carney


John Vetter and Kelly Denk, the founding partners of Vetter Denk Architects

John Vetter

Principal of Vetter Denk Architects

“We forged a great relationship with Brombal that was a by-product of our client’s high expectations of quality and Brombal’s unwavering commitment to their craft. The beauty of the final installation was a result of constant communication and exceeded everyone’s expectations. We look forward to working with Brombal again in the future.”

Bob Paxton

Principal of Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects

“”Our client directed us to build an energy efficient and low maintenance house that would last for 300 years. Brombal’s thermally-broken, bronze product with minimal sightlines uniquely met these requirements. In addition, Brombal’s team was extremely willing to work with us to extend the use of bronze on other exterior opening details, such as louvers, shutters and curtain wall glazing.”

Architect Bob Paxton