Different materials are important, making up everything around us. Choose from four metals: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Cor-Ten Steel, and Brass.

Our skilled craftsmen at Brombal work with four luxury metals to create custom windows & doors to fit your project & your story.

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Sustainable materials are the building blocks of smart and long lasting architecture. They provide great durability, low maintenance, and a long life cycle.



Expressive. Imaginative. Creative.

Brombal uses a steel alloy, the FeP02 with a GZ200 hot zinc coating (equivalent to 200 gr/sqm on both sides) that protects the profile from oxidation both on the interior and exterior surfaces. The subsequent finishing process, called skin-passing, allows for better paint adhesion and lasting durability.

Paint coatings are available in a wide range of RAL colors as well as 15 custom finishes. The physical features of steel allow for profiles with narrower sightlines and greater glass area. Galvanized steel is 3 times stronger with thermal conductivity 4 times lower than aluminum alloys.

the strength of steel with an infinite range of colors and finishes

Large coils of steel are first treated with a hot dipped galvanizing process utilizing the Sendzimir system; this coating of zinc on both sides ensures ultimate protection against corrosive agents. The resulting product is then sent through a series of rollers to produce specific shapes used for our section profiles while maintaining the galvanized coating. Zinc primer is applied during the coatings process, to ensure continued protection of the surface.

•Thermally broken.
•High structural characteristics for large unobstructed openings.
•3 times stronger than aluminum.
•4 times less conductive than aluminum.
•Reduced coefficient of expansion.
•Narrow sightlines.
•Modern and traditional designs.
•Made from 100% recycled materials.

After transforming rolls of steel to fabricated frames, we offer 15 special liquid finishes from the Distinctive Metals Collection, and countless RAL colors and a variety of textured powder coated finishes. Our painted finishes can easily match any of your design needs.

Clean. Solid. Precise.

The physical features of stainless steel provide extreme durability with minimal maintenance. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is ideal for ocean front or industrial applications.

This long lasting material makes stainless steel the ideal solution in harsh environments. Through the years, stainless steel has undergone continuous technical improvements, becoming famous for its great durability. For the production of our profiles at Brombal, we use AISI 304 and AISI 316L stainless steel depending on the environment: AISI 304 stainless steel is provided in a satin finish while AISI 316L stainless steel – particularly suitable for marine environments – is provided in scotch-brite and polished.

durability guaranteed even in the harshest environments

The billet used for stainless steel is produced by forging the steel to the required gauge, then rolling it into large coils. The material then undergoes a finishing process to obtain a satin, scotch-brite, or polished surface. The coil is then rolled into the desired shape while a protective film is applied to protect the finish.

•Thermally broken.
•Available in both 304 high grade stainless or 316L marine grade.
•Excellent corrosion resistance is ideal for ocean front or industrial applications.
•Structural stability & extreme durability.
•Narrow sightlines.
•Modern and traditional designs.
•100% recycled material.

Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel: AISI 316L , 1,200 grit abrasives are rubbed over the surface to obtain a sleek/smooth finish.

Polished Stainless Steel: AISI 316L , high powered buffers are used to create a polish-like finish.

Glass Blasted Blackened Stainless Steel: an acid treatment is applied to create a dark effect.


Rustic. Refined. Elegant.

The corrosion resistance & tensile strength of weathering Cor-Ten steel, result in extreme durability with a natural look unlike any other material. Providing a beautiful patina over time, Cor-Ten is a unique and rare solution for a fenestration system.

Cor-Ten steel is a high-resistance, self-passivating alloy containing copper, chrome, and phosphorus. Characterized by a high resistance to corrosion and high tensile strength, these alloys are self-protective through the formation of a superficial coating that prevents the progressive extending of the corrosion process. Brombal, through its technology, innovation, and dedication, was the first to use this material for windows and doors, producing profiles with unique features particularly appreciated in the architectural world.

a unique material known for its exclusive look and resistance

The large rolls of Cor-Ten steel are cut to the required width and rolled to the specific profile section. Upon exposure to air, the patina process begins which creates a protective layer of rust over the surface. Left untreated, the rust will create an ever-changing appearance. A surface wax treatment can be applied which will stop the continued rusting and will provide a protective barrier against the elements.

•Thermally broken.
•Durable and resistant to environmental elements.
•Perfect choice for highly corrosive environments.
•Unique finish not replicated by any other material.
•Narrow sightlines.
•Modern and traditional designs.
•Made from 100% recycled materials.

Cor-Ten steel has a unique, distinctive appearance. The intense richness of its finish bestows a warm and natural, yet at the same time extremely elegant rustic look. Its attractive appearance is a result of an oxidation process which forms a protective patina that remains unchanged over the years. A hand applied wax treatment can be administered to achieve a smooth look.


Warm. Inviting. Alluring.

The prestige of brass comes from its highly sought after bronze look and high performance with resistance to corrosion. Brombal uses an OT67 alloy which contains 67% copper creating its high resistance to corrosion, while the remaining 33% zinc increases its mechanical properties such as hardness and tensile strength.

A main characteristic of this alloy is to naturally oxidize when in contact with air while unchanging its physical features, in turn creating a beautiful patina reminiscent of antique bronze making it ideal for restoration or new projects. This look joins elegance with tradition. The self-protection generated by the natural oxidation process makes the final product ideal for harsh and marine environments.

the aesthetic value of bronze for distinguished architecture

After the coil stock is cut and rolled into the frame sections it undergoes a heat treatment. This prevents the sections from potential cracking as it relieves the stress applied during the rolling process. The resulting product is the highest quality bronze available in the fenestration industry. Brombal offers 2 choices for assembly of the frame corners: welded or mechanically fastened. The special alloy used in welding has properties which provide greater strength and a slight difference in patina is noticeable in corners which further highlights the handcrafted authenticity of Brombal’s artisanship.

•Thermally broken.
•High quality materials resulting in the most natural looking patina.
•Easily replicates historical bronze for a perfect restoration.
•Ideal for areas where landmark approval is required.
•Great resistance to the elements (air, wind, & water).
•Available with matching bronze hardware.
•No maintenance required.
•Narrow sightlines.
•Suitable for all architectural designs.
•Made from 100% recycled materials.

Light Burnished Brass: custom burnish option available upon request.

Dark Burnished Brass: an acid treatment is applied to create a dark bronze effect.

A hand applied beeswax coating is provided as a temporary protective barrier against the elements (can be reapplied as desired).