Let’s integrate through the encounter with others: culture, sport, our territory and disability. We are promoters of humanitarian projects.

The policy of funding humanitarian and common interest projects is a responsibility that we take outside our usual business activity.

Fully aware of the growing perception that diversity provides a truly real added value, capable of bringing real enrichment, we’ve become promoters of a concrete organisation in support of disability through the culture of integrated sport.

The combination of disabled athletes and able-bodied people makes a dream we called “6 Insuperabile” ( Unsurpassable) possible; where Brombal group, as a true Social Ambassador, marks the direction of a tangible support followed by many other entrepreneurial realities.
This goes beyond the improvement of our reputation and the enhancement of corporate strategies thanks to the special foresight and sensitivity involved.

Sport is as universal as its values are

Its support and endorsement become for Brombal group a precious tool for the global development of a person and is vitally useful in building a more human-sized society.

It changes the world, arouses emotions, unites people: Sport has the power to generate hope in every competition and plays an important social, educational, cultural and recreational role.
For all this Brombal is the proud Official Sponsor of Sporting Altamarca, a Serie A2 five a side Football Team.

Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa, revered by generation of architects, is the emblem of everything current professionals in the sector would like to emulate.
He’s the architect we all would like to be and from whom we have been inspired since the beginning of our handcraft activity in the creation of design frames. Through his work, embellished with every brilliant and obsessive detail, Scarpa dreamed of redesigning the world ( and in part he certainly succeeded). Looking at his creations enriches even a profane in the sector and that’s why Brombal continues to pay homage to the great “Scarpian” genius by contributing to the maintenance and dissemination of his artistic memory in the world.

Short films, guided tours and publications focusing on his heritage ( specifically Tomba Brion located in Altivole) become a further opportunity for Brombal to enhance the territory, the same one where Pietro Brombal’s work and family were born.

  • Voyager d’or: The journey into a restoration – A docufilm 2021 curated and directed by Riccardo De Cal
  • A te Carlo: Music and architecture with detail – Musical-architectural project with Mario Brunello (cello) and Riccardo De Cal (director).
  • The conservative restoration of Tomba Brion: how it was and how it is now – Technical-architectural publication by the architect Guido Pietroli.