We plan every step while manufacturing custom-made products

Planning every step of every job, starting with the feasibility report regarding the technical solutions up to the planning of the design and production phases of the doors and windows, is Daniele Valente’s job. Valente, Project Manager in Brombal for USA East Coast and Oceania, does this all the time for every project.

This internal management system is marked by the time zones of the countries it manages: connecting with the rest of the world early in the morning and staying connected is strategically important to directly keep in touch with our clients and guarantee quality service.

When I get to the office at 7.30 am, the day is about to end in Oceania, while it is half-way through on the East Coast in the USA at 6 pm when I turn off my computer,” says Valente.

Among the most common questions I am asked, is the one regarding timing: “estimating the delivery times is complex because Brombal has never designed a window or door the same as another: every project is different as are the custom-made doors and windows we design and manufacture. Not having a reference standard, to decide on a time frame, we prepare a time schedule with the help of an internal planning tool which produces a Gantt chart.”


Weekly, the engineer brings the technical office together to distribute the tasks to every member of the team and calculating the timing, which can change also thanks to variations made during the work in progress of the project development, essential to guarantee client satisfaction.

Moreover, a fundamental aspect is the coordination with the production manager and owner, Leonardo Brombal who, together with the heads of department, monitor the lead time.

At the hear of every activity, there is always the relationships with the dealers, architects, builders and clients: “the constant goal is to create a custom-made and innovative door or window in which creativity blends with maximum efficiency and realiability.”