The innovative varnishing plant, which allows Brombal to manufacture new, higher quality finishes in house, has been put into operation.
In January, the new Distinctive Metals Collection will be presented at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas

Bringing the new production process in house to manufacture new finishes increases Brombal’s creative power. Recently, Brombal, leader in the luxury door and window sector, has put into operation the in-house varnishing plant, which will garner new opportunities.

In fact, Brombal has started creating new finishes in house, without having to count on external suppliers. In January, Brombal will launch the new “Distinctive Metals Collection”, a premium 2020 collection with 15 specifically-designed finishes. “We have invested in the new varnishing plant so as not to limit our creative processes and bespoke finishes”, remarked Pierpaolo Brombal.

Hence, our artisans can freely invent new finishes, which are the result of shared brainstorming sessions at the company’s headquarters. Besides the production of new finishes, Brombal is set to satisfy their clients’ needs even more quickly with customized finishes.

Not only. “Thanks to the new varnishing plant, the quality is better because it is always within our control. We can more actively monitor production time and the finish samples will always be available for the client to discover and see with their own eyes”, added Pierpaolo Brombal.

The direct relationship Brombal has with builders, architects and dealers is special. Last November, the company opened its doors for a group of thirty American guests who participated in the “Innovation and Inspiration Tour” to experience first-hand “the authentic Venetian Region experience”. An itinerary that passed through the most fascinating places of the Veneto Region in the name of the hospitality that characterizes our company. We accompanied the clients into the “Brombal world” in which culture has a central role.

During the “work & learn” format, the guests were able to see the new aspects of our products with their own eyes. “We get the design from architects and we start building”, said Pierpaolo Brombal. Among the questions asked by the guests, there was the request for assistance in the installation of the precious doors and windows. This service is already supplied by the company, not only through qualified installers who, upon request, offer dedicated training sessions, but also through direct support on sites where doors and windows are installed.

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