VILLA GRITTI – a perfect balance between antique and modern style

View of the ancient villa

This project was a huge restoration of a Barchessa making part of an ancient villa that now is a private home. The homeowners wanted to keep the house as most original as possible externally. Inside they planned to turn the interior into a modern and stylish space. Brombal, to give a touch of antique, used Cor-Ten frames in the garden room including the roof, the first and second floor. In the basement wide stainless steel frames were installed to separate the rooms. Thermally broken corten steel windows and doors were used to be able to keep the spaces at different temperatures.

Location: Treviso, Italy          Engineer: Ing. Cocco          Photographer: Paolo Belvedere
Brombal Features: Stainless Steel, CorTen Steel, Custom Notched Frame, Overhead Glazing

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