VESSEL HOUSE – a strong contact with nature through large steel windows and doors with thermal break

extrernal view of the boathouse with its ample Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

This astonish lakeside boathouse located on the Lac La Belle Lake outside of Milwaukee is a big window to the surrounding nature. Due to that area’s harsh climate, Brombal had to find the right solution combining style and functionality at the same time. This mansion features Brombal thermally broken steel windows and doors that thanks to their high energy efficiency, guarantee the insulation performance required. The wide windows and doors create an open look, while the large pivot doors connect the inside to the outside with a sophisticated transition. The house looks emerging from the lake water, light but strong and beautiful.

Location: Wisconsin, USA          Architect: Vetter Denk          Builder: Builtworks          Photographer: Ryan Hainey
Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, TDL, French Pivot Doors, Corner Assemblies

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