V HOUSE – huge Palladian style villa with custom burnished brass windows and doors

Palladian Mansion

This massive Palladian style Mansion was built with a very clear goal, lasting at least 300 years. To achieve this client’s requirements of maintaining a classical Renaissance style, focus was set on three main points: style, thermal control and enough daylight in every room. Using Brombal’s thermally broken bronze products helped to achieve a couple of these points. Making sure of a very long lasting life of the windows and doors and establishing an antique look, thanks to the bronze finishing. Installing wide windows achieved the third point, allowing the sunlight to enter during the day and increasing energy efficient and sustainability.

Location: Virginia, USA          Architect: Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects          Builder: Alterra Construction Management
Photographer: Gordon Beall          Brombal Features: Burnished Brass, TDL, Curtain Wall, Custom Profile

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