Craftsmanship and technology at the service of architectural design.

The tax concessions introduced by the Ecobonus and Superbonus 110% allow for redevelopment of buildings with new window and door frames of high technological and aesthetic value.
Brombal Luxury Metal Windows&Doors, active for fifty years in Italy, has been operating for decades on the international scene, creating high quality frames according to the specific needs of each building, in compliance with technical regulations.
The company organisation is structured to offer a close collaboration with the designers, who are supported during the design phase, offering experience, flexibility and the ability to go beyond the standards in the executive phase, providing non-standard finishes but created and tested directly in their own factory.
One of the main goal of modern and contemporary architecture concerns the expansion of the transparent surface inside a building to ensure a greater supply of natural light and, above all, to increase visual relationship with the external space.

Brombal has taken this task as the cornerstone of its corporate philosophy, adapting production to the increasingly demanding requirements for safety, comfort, technical and climatic performances. To integrate the offer, the synergy between the Communication&Resources and Commercial departments, leads to a series of virtual meetings aimed at providing the construction professionals with tools and updates of Brombal products, considered authentic “works of art”.

“The foresighted vision of the architect is of fundamental importance for us to grow and evolve more and more in our offer” says Matteo Gobbo Trioli, Brombal’s Head of Communication&Resources, “and allow us to keep a constant contact with the professional figures operating in the planning and construction sector. Our Sales department is entrusted with experienced engineers who communicate on daily basis with Italy and the whole world, dealing efficiently with the new market demands”.

Matteo also points out that the global Pandemic has not stopped communications between the company and the rest of the world, but that the new difficult situation has, instead, stimulated new digital strategies; “ with a webinar or a video call we can reach many more people, without disturbing them from their homes or offices” explains the Brombal communication manager.

This is precisely the case of the digital seminar organised in collaboration with Treviso Architects Foundation, thanks to a partnership with the curator, Arch. Maurizio Trevisan, which resulted in an online connection lasted two and a half hours, with the large participation of 180 architects from the area.

Now, since the legislation relating to Ecobonus and Superbonus 110% is proving to be very complex in its practical application, the seminar intended to provide the necessary and operational informations relating to this specific issue: the replacement of existing window and door frames with new high-performances ones, with the aim to redevelop the existing building stock and increase the real value of buildings.

Architect Maurizio Trevisan, well known for his award-winning design of the swimming pool at Villa Cipriani in Asolo and scientific curator of the Treviso Architects Foundation, opened the works with great collaborative enthusiasm, passing eventually the baton to Matteo Gobbo Trioli and the engineers Emilio Montefiori and Andrea Fanton to explore together the Brombal world.

The future knowledge is digital and Brombal is always open to innovation and state-of-the-art.