When quality, experience and benefits are much more than a standard service.

Brombal is always in search for offering new services able to provide our customers with a high quality product from every perspective.
This leads to a constant research for the development of new technical applications aiming to improve the quality of our doors&windows, these attributes are intrinsic traits of Brombal DNA.
On site, the installation of glass in doors and windows requires a correct technical and logistical situation which can vary according to various factors, such as weather conditions, uncomfortable installing positions, cleanliness of the working environment, expert installers trained and formed specifically for the Brombal product, the build up of dust between the glass and the frame due to work by third parties ( dusts could frustrate the application of the silicone and eventually compromising definitely the watertightness between glass and frame) or the incorrect thickness of the glass which could affect the future proper functioning of the opening sash.

With so many variable situations going on in the factory, an aspiration arises, to provide our customers with the distinctive quality of Brombal doors&windows also during the glass installation phase. This ‘futuristic’ ambition took shape first with the planning and then with the implementation of ‘Glazing Factory’, which is a working instrument for fully assembling doors and windows on site before shipping.
Factory installation takes place through a specially designed self-propelled hangers system; this allows Brombal operators to optimise workspaces with ample room for manoeuvre, therefore guaranteeing the right drying times and a maximum installation precision, further distinguishing the quality high standard of all Brombal products.
Factory Glazing ( this is how the working project has been named) reduces,  more than significantly, the number of unpleasant accidents that could occur during the installation of glass in a frame; some examples are glass breakage due to site handling, breakages due to the installation process on site or even earlier due to the transport phase.
Delivery times, compared to normal supply, will be slightly extended since the installation on the products is performed in the factory before dispatching, however the advantages caused by this extra wait are many and consistent.
Starting from the initial stages, the transport of frames with glass already installed increases the convenience compared to their separate transport: in fact, while keeping the same weight, the encumbrance volumes are reduced. Moreover, a smaller shipment means less packaging is used, thus also reducing the environment impact. On site installation times will be very short and spaces for the storage of crates of materials will be almost halved.

Factory Glazing is a suitable solution for any type of order, confirmed at estimation time, again following a careful evaluation of the project and of some frames type construction.
The production process of Factory Glazing is characterised by different stages which you can learn about in the dedicated video; they begin only after the glass inspection carried out with the “Glass Inspector”, another tool born from the company research: it allows the identification of possible defects through a high-tech system of cameras.
With the drying of the frame seal, which takes place during the resting time of the glazed product, the Factory Glazing process is concluded, drying time is between 10 and 12 hours with the hanger stopped in the appropriate parking area.
The skilled hands of the Brombal craftsmen who take care of this service, add invaluable value to your glazed windows and doors.

Factory Glazing, much more than a standard service.