STONE COURT VILLA – Mexican style stone house with unobstructed large views

View of the stone villa by night with illuminated galvanized sliding panels

The idea was to give this thick Mexican stone house unobstructed wide views all around the villa while letting light and surrounding nature in. We studied a system composed by sliding panels which have the function both doors and windows giving the strong feeling of freedom but at the same time, a cozy and secure place. Along with the design, the other challenge was to find the perfect balance between the integration of the sliding panels behind the wall and ensuring weatherproofing and smooth functionality. The final result was a unique sill and frame designed to fit the architect’s request that performs beautifully.

Location: Arizona, USA          Architect: Marwan Al-Sayed          Builder: 180 Degrees          Photographer: Matt Winquist
Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, External Pocketing Lift Slide Doors

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