The Brombal technicians together with architects open their doors to beauty

“When we come here in Brombal, we’re able to finalize solutions very quickly”. These are the architects that are describing the added value of the shop drawings revision service that Brombal offers both from afar and directly in its technical office and artisanal laboratories for its clients and luxury building professionals.

The art of creating “custom quality windows and doors” originates from the passion that Brombal artisans, engineers and managers put into their projects by developing and perfecting technical drawings together with architects to attain the required standards. It is collective brainstorming where creativity is at its highest level, making innovative ideas come to life during the revision process of technical drawings.
Thus, Brombal not only produces “closing” systems, but above all, “openings” towards beauty through custom-made windows and doors for which attention to detail, “tailored” by professionals, makes the difference.

“The first “meetings” usually take place via Skype to evaluate the main section of the windows and doors. However, we enjoy welcoming the architects and our clients here in the office”, says European Sales Manager Andrea Fanton who, in September, spoke face-to-face with the architects, consultants and the client representative in the Brombal offices for a big project in chic Chelsea, in London. The project includes painted steel windows and doors for eight buildings with 50 luxury flats each for a sheikh.
The high artisanal quality of the custom-made windows and doors makes the development of the technical drawings modular and variable in time, so as to supply a “tailored” service which optimizes the design with its mix of beauty and efficiency.

“When architects come to Brombal they can physically touch the quality of our windows and doors and realize the infinite possibilities for customization as they meet with the engineers in the technical office to find the best solution”, says Mr. Fanton, one of the engineers.
September alone included four meetings in Brombal with English, Austrian, Australian and American clients for the revision of their shop drawings. A service that is always available as is the synergy between the engineers in Brombal and architects in the creation of high performance custom steel windows and doors that enhance luxury architectural settings with beauty.

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