Brombal employees initial the quality control certification of all the steel and bronze windows and doors before being shipped

It starts with the control of the glass and frames and ends with the application of a sticker confirming the quality, functionality, aesthetics and conformity to the extremely high standards of the luxury sector. As of January, Brombal has taken another step in the verification process of all the steel and bronze windows and doors before they are shipped. As a matter of fact, qualified employees, who besides carrying out the quality control as has always been done, apply a sticker formally confirming that every product has been controlled. It is an important formality because the more or less 10 employees entrusted with this step initial these quality stickers. “This is a more important marking confirming that every thermally broken bronze or steel window and door has been controlled”, says Pierpaolo Brombal, creator of this new system used by the employees who take on this responsibility of quality control. In this way, the monitoring and quality of these exclusive Brombal designs are improved even more, also in the eyes of the retailers and clients.


It is basically the application of 25 mm adhesive stickers on the glass and frames of the bronze and steel windows and doors. There are three graphically elegant types which are removable by the end client. The conformity of the glass to the highest quality standards is confirmed by the application of light blue stickers. Amongst the latest developments there is the signed order for a new machine which automatically controls the glass. It will be put in function by the end of the year, thus further optimizing the already efficient process.
The yellow stickers are applied by the painting and burnishing operators and, unlike the others, are part of our “internal certification”. Once the product reaches the finishing department, those who carry out the final testing stage remove them and apply the green sticker which confirms the last control phase on the final product. Our quality control, through this newly tested system, makes the most of the artisanal passion and know-how exercised by Brombal to continue to create.

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