POOL HOUSE – contemporary dependance with glazed openings and motorized lift and slide doors

External view of the pool house with with motorized lift and slide doors and wide burnished brass fenestration

The project was a renovation and expansion of a residential swimming pool area. It allows up to 30 people to stay in the open living space, maximizing visual continuity between protected and uncovered space with a continuum between pool and green spaces. The spatial continuity was achieved by installing wide glass facing south, with a slim mechanical system that opens all sliding doors panels to the open air area. An easy and light structure built with luxurious and maintenance free materials, featured by glazed openings and easy transition between the spaces thanks to motorized lift and slide doors. The perfect solution for welcoming guests in summer time.

Location: Treviso, Italy          Architect: Castlunger KarlHeinz. Paolo Fogal          Photographer: Paolo Belvedere
Brombal Features: Burnished Brass, Radius Bi-fold, Open Corner Lift and Slide, Automation, Exterior Wall Panels, Flush Track, Concealed Hardware

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