PENNIMAN CREEK – a project with automated massive lift and slide doors

Automated massive Lift and Slide Doors

In the beautiful area of Westhampton Beach in New York stands this wonderful residence nestled between the natural landscape, the blue sky, and the infinity of the sea.

Gentle rolling sand dunes contrast the manicured green space embracing the house, making the architectural aesthetics even more refined: structural design relies on large optical lightness along with key supports harmoniously blending the entire building together.

Searching for the surrounding landscape your gaze crosses the large prestigious sloped facade maximizing your view creating a panorama from sky to ocean.  The whole experience is majestic.

At the base of the facade are the large lift and slide doors, above is a structural girder with both technical and aesthetic purposes: in fact, in addition to supporting the windows above, it’s a decorative element.  It is coated and painted in the same color as the other windows and doors frames throughout the home.

An elegant living area intended for moments of comfort and joyful relaxing is linked from the inside of the house to the outdoor garden providing access to the swimming pool through a passage created by opening one of several doors present.  For added convenience the massive sized sliding doors are motorized.  Once opened they provide a clear opened space allowing for the outdoor space to blend seamlessly with the indoor space.

Harmonious light diffuses through the Brombal doors and windows giving the surrounding environment a dreamlike atmosphere.  The care dedicated to the study of every aspects and the search for the unique characteristics that distinguish this luxury residence shines through every detail.

From every glimpse and from every position of the house the grace of a sophisticated and stylish architecture stands out; like the main entrance, an elegant pivot door that, rotating around its vertical axis, will open revealing from the initial access, the distinguished and refined architecture of this luxury residence.

Location: Westhampton Beach, USA;   Architect: Bruce D. Nagel Architect;   Builder: George E. Vickers, Jr. Enterprises;   Photographer: Lifestyle Production Group;   Dealer: North Shore Windows;   Brombal Features: Bimetal: Painted Galvanized Steel, Painted Stainless Steel, ALFA 85 Motorized Lift and Slide Doors, TDL, ALFA 85 Pivot Doors, External Sloped Curtain Wall, 20 inch. tall structural beam cladded with galvanized steel painted sheet

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