Brombal products are protected during shipment with the care that every work of art deserves

From the 3D simulation of the packaging to the actual packaging, monitored at every step to guarantee that all Brombal design creations reach their destination perfectly intact.
Andrea Lorenzon, packaging and shipping supervisor, has dedicated these last three years exclusively to the company’s “crating and shipping service”, for which he also handles the bureaucratic aspect. A department that has grown in recent years due to the increase in orders.
Moreover, since the beginning of the year, Brombal, as manufacturer of custom-fit windows and doors, also uses “glass crating”, thus implementing precautionary quality control of every single pane of glass.

“It all starts with an evaluation of the structure of the steel windows and doors” says Lorenzon, “for which the data regarding length, height and depth are inserted in a database to then simulate the packaging with the use of a specific software”.
Besides ensuring that the pieces do not touch each other – therefore calculating also the amount space needed between each piece – Lorenzon combines all the elements to optimize the size of the “wooden crates” with the use of the software to create a 3D version of the crates.
It is a procedure which entails great precision and helps manage shipments via land, sea and air, especially towards the USA, but also Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Asia.
Organization is important to be able to respect timing, thus offering a complete and efficient service: “we plan for the position of the containers as far ahead as possible so as to load them and be sure that they get on the ship, in particular during peak seasons”.
Every single crate has a detailed packing list, which includes all the elements contained in the packaging.

“As a rule, before the shipment, we check everything with the packaging company by taking a picture of every window and door as it has been packaged”.
Said procedure allows us to protect every luxury metal door and window as best possible by safeguarding its value during the journey thanks to “hermetic hygroscopic bags for sea freight”.
From the most basic window and doors to the most complex ones, like sliding doors, bifold or pivot doors, our bespoke products, which are designed in our creative laboratory, are delivered to their destination with the care the every work of art deserves.

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