The different colors and textures of the steel

At Brombal, we offer a wide range of materials to suit your needs, for residential and commercial projects.  We have come up with a couple of key facts for each of the 5 materials we offer:


1. Our steel goes through multiple processes to ensure longevity.  First, all sections go through a skin-passing process which applies galvanization to both sides of the steel before it is formed into a section.

2. We offer exceptional durability, thanks to a 5 step painting process with an adhesive primer and multiple coats of durable paint.  This allows for a variety of colors to choose from using the RAL color system.


1. Our Bronze/Brass contains 67% Copper, which creates a high resistance to corrosion. 33% Zinc provides the necessary mechanical properties such as hardness and tensile strength. Our Brass material has the prestige of bronze thanks to its beautiful patina and high resistance to corrosion. This makes it appealing to almost any project.

2. Bonze/Brass creates a self-protecting patina generated by the natural oxidation process. This makes the final product ideal for marine environments.


1. Cor-Ten steel is a high-resistance self-passivating alloy containing copper, chrome and phosphorus. It is characterized by a high resistance to corrosion with excellent tensile strength. The alloys are self-protective through the formation of a superficial coating that prevents the progressive extending of the corrosion process. This self-protecting layer creates the warm brown tones over the surface which give it its unique appearance.

2. Brombal was the first manufacturer to use this material for doors and windows.

Stainless Steel:

1. Available in both a 304 and 316L marine grade, this material is perfect for marine and corrosive environments.

2. The physical features of stainless steel allow for narrow sightline sections which require minimal maintenance.

3. Multiple finishes are available such as scotch brite, brushed, mirror, and even a blackened finish.


1. Bi-Metal allows the flexibility of choosing 2 different types of materials to be combined, 1 for the interior and 1 for the exterior.

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