A high-technology and innovative application that increases precision and quality assuring maximum durability to our creations

The advanced automated and robotic painting system represents the latest addition to the factory’s capabilities, and reflects the constant research in innovation and quality pursued by Brombal. In fact, it is the first painting plant for steel in the world.
The plant is composed of a Sanding and Metallization chamber, a Pressurized Painting chamber, and three ovens with varied temperatures.
The greatest addition in this painting plant is the state-of-the-art automated paint robot: a high-performance, latest generation system that increases consistency of the painting and finish quality. To minimize paint loss and to ensure homogeneous distribution of color, the painting robot has a 3D scanner system, capable of making precise acquisition of positions, dimensions, and forms of workpieces – automatically generating accurate spraying trajectories, making every frame an art piece.

At Brombal, the finishing process not only helps to express the style of each project, but is also the first barrier that protects our metals from the weathering agents. This is why painting is so crucial to ensure the maximum durability of our windows and doors.
This new factory expansion perfectly embodies the company’s philosophy of freedom to create, allowing us to offer new customizations in a constant research for perfection.

The liquid spray painting

Liquid spray painting is a painting technique where a device sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish) through the air onto a surface.
Brombal liquid spray painting takes place in an electrostatic spray booth that is pressure-controlled in a closed environment.
This method was developed for use in automobile industry, where perfection and durability are required.
The spray booth prevents dust from coming in contact with the windows and doors frames and ensures the ideal working conditions (temperature, air flow, and humidity), the environment is equipped with ventilation provided by large fans and optional burners that heat the air to accelerate the paint drying process.
Toxic solvents and paint particles are processed through a filtered exhaust system to prevent air pollution.

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