A tasty cocktail for the opening of the new “dining area” in Brombal

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 is the day chosen, not by chance, by Brombal to present its employees and collaborators with this area dedicated to them. In this informal and cosy setting, they can have lunch, but also spend their break.

The end of this usual workday became a special one to celebrate. A substantial group of people came together with the 3 owners in front of a tasty cocktail table to show their enthusiasm for this new endeavour in a moment of harmony and conviviality.

The Space

This space, finished in a record time of only four months thanks to the constant supervision of the founder member Pietro Brombal, is now a place to come together and relax.
It stands out as a veritable oasis for the workers. Outdoors, there is an 800 m2, green space with a pool of water and just the right vegetation to provide a breathable, calm area to relax in after lunch. Indoors, the space is equipped with everything necessary to supply quality meals in an environment that is well-lit thanks to a large window. The room is decorated with photographs, which represent many of the projects executed to date, a source of pride both for the company and its collaborators who contributed with their commitment and sacrifice to their realization.

April 30 was not only the date of the opening of the new space, but it was also the date that gave momentum to the new company philosophy. Being sensitive to the needs that result from the exponential growth of the work schedule, it was deemed appropriate to create new areas where employees can socialise and enjoy themselves in a healthy and gratifying work environment.

A special moment

The name itself “men-sa” symbolically evokes this philosophy in that it is the fusion between the English term “men” and the Latin term “mens” (mind) from “mens sana in loco sano”, that is “a healthy mind in a healthy place”.

Pietro Brombal, on this special occasion in front of all his collaborators, recalled this philosophy with his words: “…our first wealth is the people: it’s you, young and not so young. You are the reason for all this. Even more so today, on the eve of Labour Day. A day that reminds that without work, we wouldn’t be able to speak to each other. Work brings people together and gives meaning to human relationships. Every day, we meet, talk to, cooperate with each other thanks to our work. Honouring with a day of celebration is meaningful and important…”.

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