MOLINO STUCKY HOTEL – turning a mill into a five-star hotel in Venice

View of the Molino Stucky Venice and its burnished brass fenestration

This giant five-star hotel in Venice, was the result of an impressive restoration which transformed an old 19th century mill into one of the most luxury resorts in Italy. For Brombal, this was the biggest project ever, with 2200 windows and doors to design, manufacture and install. Burnished brass fenestration was chosen for 2 motivations: to maintain the old look of the windows and to prevent the problem of deterioration and oxidation due to the proximity to the sea water. Many different shapes were required for the frames to meet  the architect’s request, thus providing the freedom to create.

Location: Venice, Italy           Architect: Giuseppe Boccanegra

Brombal Features: Burnished Brass, SDL, Radius and Gothic Profiles

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