MEG HOME -galvanized steel windows and doors project with ample fenestration

Meg home's front view by night

The architect wanted to develop the project taking advantage of the position and view the house would have as it lays on a higher point than the surrounding buildings. To do so, huge fenestration systems, composed by galvanized steel windows and doors,  were installed in some strategic points to get two results; to allow the daylight to come in lighting up all the rooms and having an incredibly wide view on Seattle’s cityscape. In the living room to open the two-story glazed wall, a wheel operates manually to open up the view to the city. The master bedroom, thanks to a long horizontal glass wall on three sides, allows the owners to wake up and enjoy an amazing 180° view.

Location: Washington, USA          Architect: Olson Kundig          Builder: Dowbuilt          Gizmo Engineering: K|B Architectural Services        Photographer: Nic Lehoux    Dealer: Glacier Window & Door          Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, Gizmo Wall, TDL, Retractable Screens

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