LONE MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY – a huge custom Bi-fold door project combining beauty and comfort

View of the Montaina mansion with custom bifold door units

This Montana mansion nestled among the mountains is a perfect example of a combination between nature and comfort. The big dining area is the main space of the house with the best position. Brombal designed a custom Bi-fold door system that curved around a unique custom radius to create an amazing wide-angle viewing area that let people enjoy a breathtaking scenery. Windows and doors finishing provide a contrasting combination of luxuriousness inside and a strong contact with the wild nature outside.

Location: Montana, USA          Architect: JLF Architects          Builder: OSM          Interior Design: WRJ Design          Photographer: Audrey Hall         Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, Textured Powder Coat, Radius Bi-fold, TDL, Triple Pane Glass, Custom Hardware

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