A 360° experience in the Brombal Culture for architects and builders who design and build the future

Limitless design with the possibility of choosing thermally broken windows and doors, ideal in real architecture.
Brombal’s exact number of combinations of colours and finishes is 67.992, a number which continues to grow thanks to research. Together with the wide array of options, there is also the engineer calculation which means being able to design customized, made-to-measure solutions. This is one of Brombal’s strengths that emerged from the Innovation & Inspiration Tour during which we welcomed architects, builders and dealers from the USA. Receiving building sector experts and entrepreneurs in Brombal and on our territory is part of the company’s DNA because our relationship with our clients is special for us. Once again the Innovation & Inspiration Tour turned out to be a precious opportunity to interact with people who design and build and to receive useful feedback regarding the added value of our modus operandi.

During the “What is Brombal?” event, the industry experts walked through our offices and the production area to get a feel for the artisanal culture and see our creations which they deemed “works of art”. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the guarantee of great performance of our thermal steel and thermal bronze is one of the other characteristics for which our clients choose us. As a matter of fact, our luxury metal windows and doors have been awarded the most important US certifications, among which the impact certification which certifies the highest standards of resistance of our creations to hurricanes that hit Florida. Moreover, the architects really enjoyed the added value of the 3D designs which enhance the details right from the planning phase. During the tour, Brombal offered its guests a 360° experience not only of the entrepreneurial spirit in Brombal, but also of the beauty of the territory where the company was founded and grew.

They were given tours of the magnificent architecture of the Brion Cemetary in Altivole, designed by the architect and designer Carlo Scarpa, the Bolle by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas at the Nardini Distillery and the bridge designed by Andrea Palladio in Bassano del Grappa. One of the stops of the tours was dedicated to the Gypsotheca and the Temple of Possagno design by Antonio Canova, a master of Neoclassicism. During this tour of discovery, our guests were also able to savour our food and wine culture with a Prosecco tasting in a vineyard in Asolo and throughout the tour.

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