PALAZZO ONIGO – steel arched windows and doors for an ancient Venetian palace

View of the ancient palce restored with arched steel windows and doors

After years of neglect, the restoration of this 14th century building located in downtown Treviso took a long time to be completed due to the huge size of the structure and the level of detail required by the owner.The small old wooden fenestration was replaced by wider thermally broken powder coated galvanized steel windows and doors with large glass which increased energy efficiency. Brombal was able to create such a bright space inside that one of  the most famous fashion brands chose this palace as main shop in the Northeast Italy to showcase their products.

Location: Treviso, Italy          Architect: Geom. Barbisan, Arch. Vendrame, Arch. Fioretti, Ing. Dalla Cia
Builder: Gazzola Costruzioni          Photographer: Paolo Belvedere          Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, Radius Profiles

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