Inspired by the traditional old ‘Casali’ of Tuscany, this house is located in the hills just south of Santa Cruz and offers a great view of the Monterey Bay. The delicate balance between the classical structure of the Italian country house and a contemporary style makes this mansion truly unique. A widespread use of fenestration allows the light to enter the house from a multitude of points giving the owners, the chance to enjoy different views. Wide glazed surfaces and large sliding doors operating on narrow steel’s sight-lines, allow the doors to float smoothly on the surfaces,  allowing a fast access to the landscape.

View of the contemporary style Corralitos Villa in front of the winming pool

Location: California, USA          Architect: Louie Leu Architect          Builder: Howerton Construction
Photographer: Marco Ricca          Dealer: CoorItalia          Brombal Features: Flush Track, Pocketing Lift and Slide

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