CORRALITOS VILLA – balance between a classical italian country house and a contemporary mansion

View of the contemporary style Corralitos Villa in front of the winming pool

Inspired by the traditional old ‘Casali’ of Tuscany, this house is located in the hills just south of Santa Cruz and offers a great view of the Monterey Bay. The delicate balance between the classical structure of the Italian country house and a contemporary style makes this mansion truly unique. A widespread use of fenestration allows the light to enter the house from a multitude of points giving the owners, the chance to enjoy different views. Wide glazed surfaces and large sliding doors operating on narrow steel’s sight-lines, allow the doors to float smoothly on the surfaces,  allowing a fast access to the landscape.

Location: California, USA          Architect: Louie Leu Architect          Builder: Howerton Construction
Photographer: Marco Ricca          Dealer: CoorItalia          Brombal Features: Flush Track, Pocketing Lift and Slide

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