GIESE  – guesthouse built of real stone inspired by the villas from central Corsica

Door of the Villa installing Brombal's burnished brass windows and doors

Born from the inspiration of an 18th-century Corsican country style villa, the house has walls built of real stone imported from central Corsica. With views to the Napa Valley, the goal of this guesthouse and pool house was to maintain the same spirit present in that part of the French island. Brombal provided burnished brass windows and doors for their striking bronze-like aesthetic to combine the classical finish with a European country living style. In the same time the windows were installed in strategic positions and let the right amount of light enter the rooms and capture the outside nature.

Location: California, USA          Architect: Andrew Batey          Builder: Grassi Construction          Dealer: CoorItalia
Brombal Features: Burnished Brass, TDL, Radius Profiles

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