At Brombal, we allow the client to choose from a vast array of color palettes. Combined with state of the art application technology, we extend the Italian tradition of lasting quality for your fenestration masterpiece.

Based on location, Standard Painting or C5M Painting is available for projects in coastal environments.

Contact us to discuss your steel window and door / brass window and door project.


At Brombal, our finishing process not only helps to express the style of each project, but it protects the metal as needed. This is why our painting is so crucial allowing for maximum durability. There are two painting processes available: Powder Coating and Liquid Painting.


With this system, atomized particles are electrically charged, thereby repelling each other as they exit the spray nozzle. The frames being painted are charged oppositely. The paint is then attracted to the object providing uniform coating. The whole frame is then baked to allow the powder to cure and bond to the metal, turning it into a smooth, hard skin. This process is factory applied under controlled, stable conditions.


Liquid spray painting is a technique in which a robotic arm sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish) through the air onto the metal surface using spray guns. This process takes place inside a pressure-controlled room which uses large filters to create a dust/particle free environment for a perfect finish. The frames are then heated to dry and harden the paint as well as provide a smooth, consistent factory finish.



The Distinctive Metals Collection are a premium finish which are more complex than standard liquid paintings. Unlike a normal liquid painting with uniform color and a smooth surface, our custom finishes have varied shades of color, a textured surface, and aesthetic effects that can imitate other materials such as copper, bronze, iron, concrete, etc.

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The Distinctive Metals Collection are created through a complex process using the combination of two or more of the following treatments:
– Application of different liquid paint layers overlapping each other;
– Mechanical treatments of the surface (rubbing, sanding, etc);
– Chemical treatment of the surface.
Some of these processes are done by hand by expert artisans using simple tools, while others are obtained through high-tech machines. Each special finish is the result of a long-studied process that results in the unique painted finish.

Distinctive Metals Collection are available both Standard or C5M for badly polluted areas and/or coastal environments.

Brombal “Distinctive Metals Collection” is a hand applied specialty finish. Variation in color and pattern can differ from one unit to another while maintaining an overall tonality as in the approved sample. Please contact your Brombal representative should you have any questions or concerns.



Brombal offers smooth and textured painting for its thermally broken windows and doors. Textured paint can create the appearance of a faux finish such as concrete or plaster, creating a completely unique look for your custom windows and doors.

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Brombal offers liquid RAL painting with hundreds of color options available. Depending on location, a Standard or Coastal Paint will be used for your custom Brombal windows and doors.

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Ral colors