Unique finishes for the best steel doors and windows

The Brombal finishes now include new nuances and materic effects which imitate the different aspects of diverse elements like copper, bronze, iron and concrete.
There are 15 original finishes in the new “Distinctive Metals Collection 2020”, handcrafted by Brombal to increase the appeal of galvanised and stainless steel doors and windows.

The particular textures and shades were created by Pierpaolo Brombal and developed through a long experimentation process to reach the desired results.

Among the finishes presented at the International Builders Show 2020 in Las Vegas, there is “Gun Metal” which, when applied to heated steel, takes on a satiny-bluish colour conferring a refined look.

The “Natural Concrete” materic finish actually recreates a natural cement feel, ideal for industrial projects.

“The Distinctive Metals Collection 2020 was conceived in collaboration with architects, designers and foreign partners with the “freedom” that comes with the wide array of Ral colours giving us the opportunity to obtain unique textures”, said Pierpaolo Brombal.

The harmony between manual production, the result of more than ten years of Brombal’s artisan experience, and the state-of-the-art, automated robotic system gives concrete form to the exclusive finishes of the new collection.
The creative process in Brombal continues to be innovative while maintaining the passion and artisanal tradition that makes it stand out.
To sustain the high, quality standards, the metals are previously sandblasted so as to guarantee perfect adherence and maximum life of the finish.
Moreover, the Distinctive Metals Collection finishes are available both in the standard version and the certified version for highly polluted or coastal areas, thus supplying an “ideal, real-life solution” for the most peculiar habitats.

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unique finishes

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