SARATOGA ROLLING HILLS – a modern villa with wide spaces and spectacular views

Folding doors

This contemporary hillside home integrated high-end design with a great environmental sustainability. Also, creating  a vantage point over the valley. Passive ventilation techniques have been used to reduce energy use while large cisterns were buried underground collecting rainwater to help reduce water consumption. Rooftop solar panels ensure energy efficiency. Brombal delivered  stunning 360° panoramas of Silicon Valley, installing wide steel galvanized fenestration with unobstructed corners to maximize the views and using folding doors to allow the fastest access to the outdoors.

Location: California, USA          Architect: Louie Leu Architect          Builder: The Conrado Company
Photographer: Frank Perez          Dealer: CoorItalia          Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, White Oak Interior Cladding, TDL, Open Corner / Butt Glazing, Curtain Wall

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