An added value for a quality creativity

At Brombal an objective that we have always pursued with consistency, is the constant search for product solutions with the best performance, both of a technical and aesthetic nature.
The company has successfully undertaken a strategic direction which has seen the internalisation of the majority of manufacturing processes as is seen in the case of the burnishing plant. Our aim to provide our customers with the best luxury product on the market pushes us to move towards a policy that places meticulous controls for the highest standard in every single phase of production as fundamental bases.
The internal burnishing plant, for example, since it was first put into action in 2017, allows us not just to verify the quality of the workmanship, but also to create unique and prestigious Brombal branded finishes and, last but not least, to respect delivery times.

“Burnishing is a surface finishing treatment which can be done on various metals, in our case we’re talking about brass and stainless steel” says Mirko Caverzan, responsabile in charge of the Burnishing Plant Brombal, “these metals are worked with a series of customised processes, that will define in the final product certain aesthetic characteristics, they will differ in every project becoming unique because metal always reacts differently”

The surface burnishing treatment, technically defined “metallochromy” can be carried out in many different ways, our company, in order to keep a high quality standards, has assessed chemical burnishing as the best; a process consisting in the immersion of window frames and other products into different tanks for temperature and liquids contained.

“The different tanks are arranged in a specific succession, therefore the products follow precisely certain established steps” Mirko continues “the movement of windows and doors between the different tanks takes place thanks to a remote-controlled semi-automatic system, hence I can manage each step mechanically and precisely, respecting spaces and immersion times from one tank to another”

Through this processing the product acquires a distinguished aesthetic expression which can be admired in the three finishes available within the Distinctive Metal Collection: light burnished brass, dark burnished brass and blackened stainless steel. These are products of sheer sophistication that make them the perfect protagonists for prestigious architecture and high-end constructions.

The ideal bond created between the elegance of the antique brass finish and its tradition, is strengthened by the technical performance typical of the metal: the special alloy used, in fact, brass OT67, offers a superior resistance to corrosion and mechanical properties, such as hardness and tensile strength.

The most prestigious finish available, Blackened stainless steel (burnished stainless steel) differs from brass in the burnishing process for a series of processing procedures, such as sandblasting glass before the process itself or for the tipe chemical product used to brown it.

Being able to manage internally, in total autonomy a burnishing plant, for Brombal means to have a full control over the finishes quality and even more” concludes Mirko “having the maximum freedom to create them“, the same Libertà Di creare ( literally Freedom to create) that allows our clients to customise their own projects to the point that they can require for a personalised, ‘tailored’ burnishing.