Adrenalin, passion and energy for the Brombal collaborators at the Pool House

Not only Thermally Broken Steel windows and doors, but also fun. A lot of teams, but in truth one big group that brought together Brombal’s collaborators who, for one day, set aside the steel windows and doors and the bronze windows. More than 65 colleagues participated as athletes in an ideal location for the summer: the Pool House, a venue designed and built to host architects, clients, collaborators and, in general, friends, all in the name of fun. Families were present to cheer everybody on to victory on the field and in the pool. These were the main ingredients of the “Brombalympics”, the sports tournaments held on Friday, July 26th, during which Brombal’s collaborators challenged each other in 4 events going toe to toe with their physical and mental skills: from beach volleyball to five-a-side football, from ping pong to lawn bowls.

“Get in the game” was Brombal’s invitation to everybody to enjoy a team experience by testing their performance on the field. For those working in Brombal, they took it on enthusiastically and spent an entire afternoon until midnight and beyond in an adrenalin and fun-filled environment. A lot of collaborators participated in the event together with their families because Brombal, for those who know it, is actually one big family who considers human capital the main asset of its development. The group energy and spirit was loud and strong when the thunder sounded, the sky became dark and the wind started to blow; everybody came together to support and stabilize the tents set up for dinner and the live band. Gianantonio Meneghello, one of the collaborators, together with his band members, livened up the evening atmosphere.

There was at lot of enthusiasm going around when the winners were announced: beach volleyball was won by the “Maldive” team, led by Daniele Valente and with Andrea Turcato, Pierpaolo Brombal and Luca Vincenzotto; in a five-a-side football, the cup was won by the “Colombia” team led by Federico Meneghin and with Toader Ciumau, Andrea Turcato and Massimo Valentini; first place in ping pong belonged to the “Samoa” team, Davide Zanesco and Flavio Bernardi; and great precision by the “India” team with Massimo Favero and Andrea Pauletto won the lawn bowls tournament. The second and third place winners were also rewarded, among them, Andrea Turcato for having won more than one tournament, and Galdino Piovesan for being the “King of Barbecue”. Yes, because besides the sports events, the Brombal team also showed great skill in organizing a feast for dinner with Matilde Brombal serving tables. The final surprises: the collaborators’ homage paid to Paola, Anna and Corinna Brombal for the best hospitality and hand-embroidered, barbecue aprons for Pietro, Leonardo and Pierpaolo Brombal for continuing to welcome their guests with passion.

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