A virtual journey to discover the Made in Italy care and craftsmanship

In recent years travelling has become a nostalgic word we haven’t been able to use very much.
This term grammatically defines the action of moving from a place to another; but how has actually the way of travelling changed after the pandemic?
Travelling has, in fact, acquired a different significance and meaning following this period. It no longer reflects only the idea we all have of physical displacement, now we can also talk about a different concept. Travelling today means entering homes not using planes or trains as a means of transport anymore, but using the lens of the ‘smart working’ (working from remote) cameras instead; we can move virtually through digital images and videos transmitted in real time, therefore experiencing new ‘live’ events and situations without necessarily having a physical presence.
The metaverse, recently presented by Facebook, will further transform this new concept of virtual travelling towards something that will be ever closer to reality.

We can then ask ourselves: is the idea of travelling now distorted having assumed a different meaning than before, or has it simply been enriched with new interesting aspects?The new surprising technologies allow us to immerse ourselves more and more into a journey ‘different’ from the physical one, a virtual journey that reproduces reality but, at the same time, is attentive to the digital users by providing interactive contents available to deepen their curiosities.
Museums, Churches and Monuments with this particular ‘journey’ have been able to hosted us again within their spaces, allowing us to breathe once more, albeit digitally, the beauty of Art.
Hospitality, a characteristic based on the Brombal philosophy, welcomed the opportunity to transform its concept into a new ‘experience’.

Walking through the various routes available, the 3D tour will take you not only to learn about production aspects, workstations, machinery, business processes, but to satisfy curiosities through special information fields that will accompany you along the way as well. These information fields consist of interactive content such as in-depth videos dedicated to the machinery or the type of work carried out in that specific area.

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