Cavanis High School students visit Brombal: a career guidance opportunity for the new generation towards choosing a professional vocation

Brombal is opening its doors to high school and university students, allowing them to get a real feel for what it means to work. This is an opportunity for young people to understand the skills that are required in dynamic work settings. It also gives Brombal the chance to find new talent. As a matter of fact, the company is always looking for ways of creating added value.


This initiative is part of the Regione Veneto “Azienda Aperta” (Open Company Doors) project, which gives life to “creative itineraries for generations to come” to include them in operating systems.

The first company visit was dedicated to Cavanis High School from Possagno. The students spent the morning in both the management and production areas of the company. They explored Brombal with the guidance of the Art Director Matteo Gobbo Trioli. What grabbed the students’ attention the most was the Brombal creative process in which technology supports but does not substitute the expert hands of the artisans.
In the Production Area, the teenagers were able to appreciate the elevated attention to detail and the precision that comes from that excellent mix of passion for the experts’ work and the automation of the production processes. The focus on exclusive products which place the brand within the luxury market sector is another feature that the group of students was interested in. The morning ended with a break in the new Men-sa, the refreshing space dedicated to the employees.

This opportunity experienced by the Cavanis students has the added value of a pilot project of a series of synergistic events: moving forward, Brombal will open its doors not only to high school students, but also to university students, specifically future engineers and architects. These are the most sought-out professions that the company looks for, especially because of the services the company offers, engineering and customization.
By the end of the year, all technical designs will be in 3D, not only the ones needed for production, but also the ones supplied to the clients, making it possible to see the highest level detail of the product starting from the design phase. It is the Brombal team of professionals and collaborators that make products that are unique and ever-more appealing.
This is the reason why Brombal, realizing that human capital is the main asset of any company, has decided to create a constant bridge with the world of education.
Investing in future generations, in innovation and culture which open us up to new possibilities is our development strategy.
Networking, creating new links and improving the context we work in by looking to the future is the mission which drives us every day.

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