FARO 40, FARO BV and FARO LS are the new options
of the FARO system

The FARO system has always stood out for the essence of its minimal lines and high technical performance: these features allow designers great freedom in the design of door&window frames, permitting them infinite solutions.
The essentiality of these profiles dematerialises the room walls leaving space for the lightness of the frame and its precious beauty given by the careful work of expert craftsmen. FARO, this system with minimal but high performing sections, is now enriched with three new options making the product range even more complete: FARO 40, FARO BV and FARO LS.


The new FARO 40, with just 42mm of depth, is the ideal system to realise Interior Design projects, especially when their focus is on the aesthetic continuity between the internal and external of the building windows. These agile and light profiles are the ideal solution for mild climates, interior partitions or light fixtures.
Available in the painted steel finish, the visible sections of FARO 40 include a dimension from 32 to 62 mm and the depth for glass is 15mm-27mm.
FARO 40 with its small footprint is therefore an essential profile to give elegance and architectural harmony to the internal spaces of the structure.


The aesthetic attention to symmetry in FARO BV is distinctive, with the glass aligned with the section of the frame, the perfect aesthetic correspondence between the inside and the outside of the profile is reproduced trough the same beveled corner molding, this, both on the outside of the door and in the glazing bead.
In FARO BV the visible sections range from 27 to 62mm; the thickness varies according to the type of opening, from 70 to 84mm, with glass up to 40mm. The materials in which FARO BV is available are: Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanised Steel and Cor-ten.
The symmetry, focal point of this system, makes it suitable for all types of projects that want the same rounded depth in the door&window frame between the inside and outside of the facade, while retaining all the technological performances.


Among the novelties, the sinuosity of FARO LS makes a Lift&Slide system applicable with all FARO systems, thus demonstrating that the thinnest system available, in its new LS version, maintains all the innovative technical characteristics. The study of this new system was, in fact, carried out with the aim of creating a sliding lift which would be aesthetically and technically integrated with the current FARO 65 and FARO 75 systems, a result obtained through a series of dedicated components.
FARO LS includes Lift&Slide doors in a perfect continuity with the FARO system: from 27 to 62mm for the visible sections, depths from 70 to 84mm, glass up to 50mm; it allows the installation of a track with a capacity 250 kg per sash through a floor level threshold.
These special profiles are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanised Steel and Cor-ten.
Through FARO LS it is therefore possible to give the aesthetic of the facades and the spaces a continuity of system, elegantly integrating the sliding lift with the provision of the window frames and, albeit with an extremely slim profile, to retain the technical performance of the entire FARO system.
Add even more possibilities to your freedom of create with the new   FARO 40, FARO BV and FARO LS systems.