Brombal Customer Service: made-to-measure support means Client satisfaction

Customer Care has always been in Brombal’s DNA and is one of the many made-to-measure services it offers. As of 2019, a new support service for all current and potential clients is available. “It not only includes post-sales assistance for those who have already purchased our luxury metal windows and doors, but also support for builders, architects and dealers who contact us for the first time to learn about Brombal products”.

Alessandra Rossi, our Customer Service manager, explains the added value of the service. After receiving a phone call or request via e-mail at the dedicated address (, Alessandra readily supplies all the necessary information. “I recommend which dealer to contact to see our products first-hand, I supply photos and information”. Moreover, our Customer Service is an added value also for those who know us already: “Our clients know that they can contact me at any time for any question they may have, from timing updates on their production process to requests for samples, as well as assistance for the installation of our doors and windows. I take on their requests and guarantee their execution”.

When the matters are very technical, the request is sent to the project manager with whom every client can always interact based on their area of origin. In fact, communication between engineers and clients via e-mail and Skype is constant in the technical office. But our Customer Service goes even further. Alessandra went on to say, “My goal is to speed up and optimize communication, by responding as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, I am attentive to our clients’ needs and ask for feedback while monitoring their satisfaction rate (Customer Satisfaction)”. “After experimenting this service in this first year, we have decided to enhance it by asking clients what they expect to receive so we can continue to improve”. Through its Customer Service, Brombal’s aim is “not only to take care of our clients, who thus become key players, but also exceed their expectations because they can always count on a personalized service. Attention to detail in Brombal regards both the product and the client’s experience, thus creating a relationship of trust and collaboration which does not end with each project”.

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