The unpredictable, global pandemic has slowed down part of the production, but not our ideas of developing our organisation and a creative leap for new company goals.

From one day to the next, the possibility of welcoming clients, architects and builders from all over the world to come and explore the Brombal Headquarters was taken away. The Coronavirus basically blocked the opportunity to meet with the Brombal Engineers face to face to discuss and define any revisions to ongoing projects.

“We acted quickly in the face of this emergency by adopting procedures that would reassure our clients, by intensifying communication, by constantly updating them with regards to the development of the ongoing projects and assuring them about the production process”, explains Pierpaolo Brombal.

Moreover, like the rest of the world, we implemented a smart working strategy which guaranteed the continuation of services like Customer Care. This service was available even during the reorganization of the company due to the Covid-19 prevention protocols.
“Every meeting, from technical to marketing, was regularly carried out virtually. The technical personnel, dedicated to preparing offers and giving client support, worked remotely during the critical phase of the emergency without changing the way they answer to client requests, supplying designs, sharing projects and offers.”

Another important commitment that has involved all the Brombal collaborators consists in making for lost time so as to honour already set deadlines, which for obvious reasons had to be modified: “in fact, a teamwork strategy was implemented to increase productivity and get realigned with the timetable foreseen for the end of July.”
There are other services that haven’t been blocked because of the pandemic; among these, the development of the budgeting software, which is being perfected, and the installation and testing of the new machines like the Factory Glazing, which perfectly installs glass panes on windows.

“Brombal Hospitality is still present in this particular phase, just in a different form” says Matteo Gobbo Trioli, Art and Hospitality Director, “ by offering an immersive experience through virtual tours, company interviews and emotional videos in which our windows open up onto Italian landscapes full of the art and beauty which has always been our source of inspiration.”

The commitment and effort made by the company in the prevention of Covid-19 has allowed Brombal to continue with a new momentum: “The global situation, like any challenge, has given us the opportunity to test our ability to react by verifying the efficiency of our processes and confirming the value of our team” underscores Pierpaolo Brombal, CFO and Sales Manager.

The passion we have for creating beauty and quality in our Brombal products is the same passion we put into facing this emergency, evidence of the Made in Italy value, even more so of the Made in Venetian Region value.

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