SANTA LUCIA PRESERVE – a luxury villa combining multiple styles that lies on the top of a hill

Frontal view of the villa

This magnificent Californian mansion with bronze windows and doors, combines multiple styles in just one project, including classical architectural details along with a peculiar modern design. The homeowners’ desire was to find a balance where creativity, intellect and personal taste could coexist in this unique house, that lies on the top of the hill facing the valley. Brombal provided customs brass panels to create a wide open window to the valley, giving a strong luxury touch to the internal spaces thanks to the burnished brass finish to all windows and doors.

Location: California, USA          Architect: Andrew Batey          Builder: Carmel Builders          Photographer: Matthew Millman
Dealer: CoorItalia          Brombal Features: Burnished Brass, TDL, Custom Brass Panels

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