HILLSBOROUGH – a complex high-efficiency building with ample thermally broken windows & doors

external view of the villa with Large Thermally Broken Windows & Doors

This huge and complex project was the homeowners’ dream for a long time. Built mainly with stone, it is enriched with wooden and metal walls, giving the feeling the house is composed by different structures. Due to the dimensions, the first requirement was to open the house to the daylight, installing massive doors all around the house. Brombal created high floor-to-ceiling glazed structures to maximize the exposure to the light of rooms. Big thermally Broken Galvanized steel doors and windows guarantee high efficiency insulation and a particularly strong weather-resistance.

Location: California, USA          Architect: Richard Beard Architects          Builder: Peninsula Custom Homes
Photographer: Paul Dyer          Dealer: CoorItalia          Brombal Features: Galvanized Steel, TDL & SDL, Hydraulic Powered Gizmo, Lock-boxes, Curtain Wall

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