“How to” in response to all your needs.

“How to clean a Brombal window frame?”
“How to touch up the paint on a Brombal window/door frame already installed ?”
These and many others questions are often asked to the  Brombal Customer Service.
To provide answers even more effectively the new video section has been created: a playlist of the You Tube Brombal channel, it aims to be a customer support tool through answers to frequently asked questions and to offer solutions to their needs.
Brombal from the beginning has researched and developed services to meet or even anticipate our customers requirements and with practical and effective solutions, always confirm the high quality of the services constantly offered.
The section has been named with the beginning that unites all the questions: “How to”; the material contained are answers on how to do or how to act to get to the desired solutions.

Compared to just a mere written instructions, the vision of a video allows you to learn the concept in a more active and dynamic way, making everything easier. In support of each video the relative pdf files are also available and the instructions step by step with specific indications complete with texts and images.

All these visual materials are structured in such a way they can be a means of rapid use accessible by anybody, allowing the employee to be operational and autonomous in their work straight away, without waiting for others’ answers.
At the beginning of each video all the products necessary to the execution of the job are listed in order, the different steps are shown one after the other complete with photographs, technical specifications or additional notes.

In doing so the videos provide an immediate understanding and use of the contents for everyone. Just like a tutorial.
“How to” the video section with the solutions to your questions.