Brombal promoter of an organisation supporting disability through the culture of integrated sport.

Every day we run towards goals of a hectic life that leave no room for others. We do not stop often, indeed, perhaps, almost never at all to observe and welcome the details and diversities surrounding us. Our world is made up of a thousand of colours, shades and diversity of all kinds; these diversities that, unfortunately, very often frighten us, are, instead, precisely what we need the most to enrich our lives. In fact the added value provided by comparison with different realities always leads to inestimable growth, both from a personal and a cultural point of view.

Raising awareness in the surrounding territory towards a culture of inclusion is the ambitious and pioneering target that Pierpaolo, with the back and support of Leonardo, Pietro and the entire Brombal family, has decided to undertake. Brombal has, thus, become the promoter of a solid organisation in supporting disability through the culture of integrated sport. As a true Social Ambassador, Brombal marks the direction of a concrete support followed by many others entrepreneurial realities, going beyond the mere improvement of its reputation, but actually reaching for an enrichment of corporate strategies thanks to a special foresight and sensitivity.

6 INSUPERABILE- YOU ARE UNBEATABLE, is precisely that: the vision of a dream coming true, where local sport clubs, Paralympic teams, disabled associations and schools have been involved in. The moments of integration reached their peak at the “County Paralympic Day” on September the 25th 2021, when direct tests were held during mixed game phases, with a high educational purpose aimed at sharing a real inclusive culture and a concrete awareness-raising activity addressed at families and institutions.

A scientific committee consisting of representatives and professional figures of each partner involved, has developed and coordinated the contents thus proposing an event to be held in three stages:

* 23 September 2021, Villa Caprera – Castello di Godego, Treviso:
“Gala of Solidarity” *

– A convivial event between stars and sensitive souls, with a starred four-handed menu ( Raffaele Ros * Michelin star of San Martino and Nicola Dinato * Michelin star Feva of Castelfranco Veneto) together with the performance Integrated Dance by the Polisportiva Terraglio Venezia and the extraordinary participation of the visually impaired concert pianist Maestro Fabrizio Sandretto. Moments of great emotion and sensitivity were the real protagonists of this starry and stunning evening, where the divine flavours created by the skilled hands of the two Chefs Raffaele Ros and Nicola Dinato magically intertwined with the melodies played by visually impaired concert maestro Fabrizio Sandretto and the wonderful integrated dance performance of Polisportiva Terraglio Venezia.

*24 September 2021, Possagno Sports Hall, Treviso:
“ Support. Sport. Inclusion.” *

– A Panel Discussion for an adaptable world with the presence of Ruggero Vilnai, Davide Giorgi, Roberto Chiariotti, Oscar De Pellegrin, Kristian Ghedina, Manuel Frigo, Luca Pancalli, Manuel Bortuzzo, Gianpaolo Berton. During the meeting topics of great importance and discussion were explored, where the combination of sport and integration was the common thread of the whole panel discussion. The great sporting and institutional guests who took the floor, with their speeches provided us with analysis and data, shared thoughts, gave anecdotes so to offer the audience a 360’ view of the main topic.

*25 September 2021, from 09.00 to 17.00 at Sport facilities Possagno, Treviso:
“The Awaited Day: 6 INSUPERABILE” *

Integration and sporting activity in a winning combination. A whole day dedicated to inclusion in sport: mixed teams made up of Paralympic athletes, able-bodied athletes, people with various types of disabilities and able-bodied children; competed in different disciplines such as Sitting Volley, Futsal, Wheelchair Basketball, Powerchair Hockey, Athletics. All in an atmosphere of sharing and friendship that made of this unique sporting day a massive success. The associations which have actively joined the “6 In Super Abile- Include and Overcome Skills” project are: Treviso Bulls, Sitting Volley Kosmos, Futsal Treviso, I Baskettosi, Pdm Treviso Wheelchair Basket, the Black Lions of Polisportiva Terraglio, SportLife of Montebelluna, Pol Ha. C Treviso; with the integrated activities of powerchair hockey, sitting volley, 5-a-side football, intellectual disability basketball, wheelchair basketball, athletics. These associations are the charitable sponsors to which the proceeds of the entire event have been donated.

Three dates for a one-of-a-kind sharing and experience event, brought, no doubts, enrichment to all parties involved.
6 INSUPERABILE- YOU ARE UNBEATABLE- Include and Overcome Skills: let’s really overcome all barriers together.